We've Launched!

Posted by Jadon on Friday, 16th of September 2016

Today we mark the launch of our website: Quotidian. Yes, it is finally here! Although this is not the first online journal, we're certainly one of the safest, most private, secure and definitely the cheapest – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Modern technology and evolving internet allowed us to create a website that can be viewed from any device, anywhere which allows people to create a journal online that can't be lost or stolen. With Quotidian you can access your memories with ease, thus making Quotidian a great alternative to a traditional journal or diary. Some memories you'd like to share with friends, that's why we introduced it as an option.

To some, a journal is merely a page where people write random stories, but it is much more valuable than anticipated. Journals or diaries give you the opportunity to discover yourself. You can't trust anyone more than yourself. We can write pages about how journals can affect our lives positively (which we will).

What will it cost me?

It is disturbing that other websites charge you for something so simple and quite important. That's why we declare our website as free, forever.

How do we handle privacy?

We practise military grade encryption on all your information. As someone who uses this website personally, I cannot stress enough to have my entries private.

Privacy isn't our only important concern. Security is just as important to us as it is to you! We don't want your encrypted information to get in anyone's hands... This is why we built this website with a cutting edge framework named laravel.

We want to elaborate on privacy settings for your entries. As of now, there are three options you can use for your entry:

  • Private (default)
  • Public
  • Unlisted

Private (Default)
Is for your eyes only. No one will be able to access your entry.

You decide who will be able to view your entry by sending them the link to it (not your entire journal).
Anybody will be able to view your entry (not your entire journal).

You can change any of your entries to “Private”, “Unlisted” or “Public” at any time.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions in order to make Quotidian even better.

Last but not least. You might have been wondering what the meaning of "Quotidian" is? It simply means "daily" and that is what is so important: get into the habit to create a daily journal.

A little progress every day adds up to BIG results. Quotidian will help you to remember a lifetime full of memories.

Thank you. *drops the mic*
Jadon Brown.